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The FTTS Mission:

To share our love of technology with businesses who want
and need digital tools to achieve their goals.

Meet Eric DiFulvio, Owner & CEO

Eric’s Journey:

Eric DiFulvio has incorporated a blend of learning and technology to create a new customer experience in technology service. In May 2009, Eric graduated from Kutztown University and started his career teaching as an Emotional and Behavioral Support Specialist before pursuing his passion in technology at Apple Inc. While working for Apple, Eric discovered how Apple products could integrate into schools and businesses for a transformative experience.

In 2016, Eric returned to education to combine technology and teaching in Pennsylvania’s Parkland School District. He was named Global Head of End User Computing at Validus Specialty Insurance and then transitioned to Aspen Specialty Insurance in a similar role. After leading contracting teams, Eric began his own venture as a technology service provider.

Eric’s company, Forward Thinking Technology Solutions, specializes in empowering business partners to understand and optimize their technology.

Forward Thinking Technology Solutions - FTTS

Eric’s inspiration to start FTTS: 

As owner and CEO of FTTS, Eric DiFulvio taps into his natural strengths as a coach and educator. Eric thrives when helping and leading people, and has a passion for providing opportunities for people who deserve a chance to prove themselves. This affinity for people, technology, and knowledge sharing inspired Eric to start FTTS.

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FTTS’s mission for the brand:

The FTTS mission is to share that same passion for technology prowess with other companies and organizations who need it. Many great companies and businesses love what they do, but need a little technology help to get it done. FTTS can provide guidance and support so their technology helps businesses achieve goals and not block progress. 

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FTTS culture: 

Staying true to FTTS’ origin in education and technology, FTTS seeks opportunities to give back to the community through education. Many school districts have the passion and desire to implement technology in their curriculum but lack time to build expertise for it to be successful. FTTS plans to partner with school districts and share our love for technology with educators.

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