Adoption Strategy: Microsoft Teams File Sharing

microsoft teams file sharing
microsoft teams file sharing

Adoption Strategy: Microsoft Teams File Sharing  

Updated 5/19/2022

When working on adoption plans, we try to make strides to connect the dots. Between fun, relevant, and how you will use something day-to-day in your business, even two options can have vastly different outcomes. Why leave it up to your end users to learn by trial and error? 

Picture this: you are chatting with a coworker and want to attach a file, how should you share it? The result can change the way your company adopts and implements M365 features and how they align with leadership vision during digital transformation. 

In teams, is it best to share an attachment using the button within the chat?

Well, let’s discuss why or why not. When working in Teams we want to think about the document’s full lifecycle. Will this be accessed by multiple people? Will it need an easy to find storage location? Will you need tighter control over user access and permissions? 

Teams will allow you to go any of the above routes with sharing and/or storing your document. When you only to review the doc with one person in that moment, attaching it to a chat will be easy. When you need to have an easy to access document library by many people, then creating a team and or channel to collaborate over time is best. When you need tighter control over who opens that document, what permissions they have, and be able to adjust the permissions, then using your own OneDrive might be the best option. 

Hopefully this example can help you see how different outcomes can drastically change how you collaborate with others. If you work in IT, you can imagine the unnecessary support tickets flowing into your service desk about such features.  

Have you thought about the support readiness needed for user adoption on Microsoft Teams? Or adding in a second like OneDrive? Could your business avoid these complicated questions with more robust adoption planning?

We want to save clients from these headaches by expertly training your team.

Our trainers invest in their education to stay up to date with application features so the end user can be more productive from the start. We implement Microsoft strategies such as service adoption specialist framework and champion programs while establishing strong partnerships and leadership buy-in.

In conclusion, we know what makes a successful business when it comes to adoption strategies. Let us be your partner in the your digital transformation success story. 

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