Servicing your IT with Empathy

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Servicing your IT with Empathy

When it comes to IT Service Desks, most think about the hardware repairs or software deployments, but what about the most important asset: The User? User experience is vital to the health of the company, and with that user experience in mind, IT employees must think about one thing: empathy. Our IT Service Desk is trained to prioritize empathy in every interaction they have, which helps create positive outcomes and better positions us to assist and gain trust. 

Why is Empathy vital in IT Services? 

Users crave reassurance that the IT Service Desk is listening and taking the time to understand their issue. Devices are vital to the Users’ daily workload. When the User is angry or upset with their hardware or software issue, they need IT to listen without judgment or neglect. 

Our empathy-driven IT Service Desk takes the time to understand and view the situation from the User’s point of view. Doing this allows us to better understand our Users, their issues, and empowers us to be in a better position to solve their problems. 

Empathizing with our Users establishes trust, builds rapport, and strengthens our ability to identify needs and manage conflicts that arise. As a result, this helps increase User experience,builds loyalty ,and trust. 

Ways we encourage Empathy within IT Services

1. Know the difference between sympathy and empathy. 

Instead of saying, “That’s frustrating” align with Users and reassure them we are here to help: “I understand how frustrating that can be; I would be happy to help you.” 

2. Promote Active Listening. 

  • Let Users finish talking (or venting) – Collect context and information.
  • Respond, repeat, and summarize the User’s issue – This helps the User feel heard.
  • Express curiosity – Ask pertinent follow-up questions.
  • Remember and document what has been shared – Avoid making the User repeat themselves.

3. Place yourself in the User’s shoes.

Take a step back, ask yourself how you might feel in this situation and how you would want this issue resolved. We want Users to know we are working with them, not against them. 

4. Get to know and understand your User.

The Service Desk is equipped with deep User knowledge. It’s important to strive to understand the lengths of their concerns.

Who are your Users?

  • Your User’s role, organization structure. 
  • How they use their devices.
  • Their Service Desk communication preferences.
  • Their common pain points.

5. Prioritize accuracy over speed.

Never waste time, but we take the time to troubleshoot and understand the User’s issue.


Harnessing a genuine connection with the User will bring important changes to your business culture and IT Service operations. Empathy allows you to better understand your User’s state of mind and issue at hand. This is critical when building lasting, trusting relationships. As reliable IT Support, it is our job to empower our Users and earn their trust. We want our Users to know they can rely on us for all future needs.