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Professional IT Services

At FTTS we offer a comprehensive range of Professional IT Services that help enterprise-level businesses succeed. At this level, there are unique technological challenges that companies can experience, and our team of experts have decades of industry-specific experience to support your organization. 

Our Professional IT Services are uniquely tailored to each company, ensuring results that are productive and specific to their business.

FTTS Service Offerings

Professional IT Services

FTTS IT strategies are related to technology adoption, IT infrastructure optimization, digital transformation and much more. We work closely with your team to develop tailored solutions that align with your business objectives.

As your trusted partner, our team can fully management IT systems, infrastructure, and operations. From proactive monitoring and maintenance to 24/7 support, a dedicated team ensures your technology runs smoothly and efficiently. 

Comprehensive IT security services encompass intelligence testing, vulnerability assessments, security monitoring, incident response, and security policy development. We safeguard your systems and data against evolving threats, ensuring comprehensive protection. 

Leverage the power of the cloud. With cloud migration, management, and optimization services through AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, we ensure a seamless transition and ongoing support to maximize your cloud infrastructure’s benefits. With a specialization in M365 Tenant Design and Management, we can help your business effectively utilize all your M365 services and assist with projects such as Microsoft Solutions, Microsoft Teams Migrations, Azure Migration, Azure Cloud Services, Azure Active Directory, Office/Microsoft 365 Migration, Windows Virtual Desktop and much more.  

Our network services cover the design, implementation, management, and security of network infrastructure. We ensure optimal network performance, reliability, and data security, allowing the business to thrive in a connected environment. 

Unlock the potential of data with data management, analytics, business intelligence, and data governance services. We help derive actionable insights, improve decision-making, and drive business growth through effective data utilization. With PowerBI becoming an innovator in its field, we have a team of experts to implement, collect and report on all your data needs.

We develop comprehensive strategies and systems to ensure business resilience. Disaster recovery and business continuity services minimize downtime, protect critical data, and enable swift recovery in the face of unforeseen events. 

24/7 IT support and helpdesk services provide timely resolution of technical issues, ensuring smooth operations and minimal disruption for your business. Our teams are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and quick response times. 

Empower employees with training programs on new technologies, cybersecurity best practices, and more. With tailored training sessions, businesses can enhance digital literacy and equip their team with skills needed to leverage technology effectively and efficiently. 

Our team of experienced project management professionals oversee IT projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and aligned with your business goals. We do this through meticulous planning, effective coordination, and transparent communication throughout the project lifecycle. 

Simplify procurement processes with our expertise in hardware and software sourcing. Our experts guide you through the process of selecting the right technology solutions, negotiating favorable pricing, and managing your IT assets efficiently. 

Enterprise architecture services align your IT resources and capabilities with business objectives. We develop a strategic IT infrastructure that supports operational efficiency, innovation, and growth, enabling a holistic view of your organization’s strategy and technology landscape. 

Foster technology adoption and maximize the ROI of your digital investments with specialized digital adoption services. We provide change management, user training, process optimization, and usage analytics, ensuring a smooth transition to new digital tools. 

Enterprise Mobility Management services enable you to manage and secure mobile devices, applications, and content within your organization. Our teams ensure seamless integration, enhanced productivity, and data protection for your mobile workforce. 

Our Managed Service Provider offerings allow for a more comprehensive approach for an all-in-one IT solution. We service businesses of all sizes and can customize solutions based on your budget, needs, and company goals. Learn more about our MSP offerings.

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How do we tie it all together? We aim to align our services with your business goals. This means we scale with the company, but also provide analysis on delivery of services based on budgets, resources, and ROI. It reduces the risks and improves our customer experience.

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