Test & Quality Assurance

Developing an effective quality assurance and software testing strategy is the primary, and often overlooked, key to a high-performing quality assurance and testing organization. We help organizations define strategies to attain each goal through our unique assessments that focus on aligning people, processes, and tools to create flexible and standardized processes.

We understand that quality assurance and testing processes must fit within the broader software development lifecycle. We customize our solutions for your development methodology, whether you are utilizing agile, waterfall, or iterative development.

organizational assessments

Organizational Assessments

Our organizational assessments focus on making your organization more effective and efficient by aligning tools, processes, and skill sets. We do not come in predisposed to any particular set of tools or processes. Instead, we tailor our findings on how to make your organization better. If needed, we will suggest new tools, but often great gains can be made through alignment of resources, not resource swap-outs.

enterprise testing strategies

Enterprise Testing Strategies

We assist organizations by providing strategic visioning for all aspects of their testing lifecycle such as:

  • Test case management
  • Test data management
  • Test environment management
  • Defect management
software testing tool selection

Software Testing Tool Selection

Often, organizations have tool licenses to support testing, but those tools fail to achieve the desired goal of improving the testing organization. We use our software selection process to identify, demonstrate, and assist organizations in securing the right testing tool for their needs. We are tool agnostic. Instead of focusing on tool partnerships, we focus on your needs.

testing process improvement

Testing Process Improvement

Processes should be designed to reduce the team’s burden and streamline common activities. We help organizations that struggle with testing lifecycle processes by streamlining current procedures and establishing new testing systems. We cover all aspects of testing and quality assurance, including audits, reviews and testing support processes (such as test data management and test case management).

Testing Resources

We can provide testing resources ranging from complete testing teams made up of onsite / near site / offshore resources to more select support for your existing test teams:

Managed Teams – We can provide test teams led by regional subject matter experts. Teams can be made up of any combination of onsite, nearsite, or offshore resources.

Strategic Role-Based Staffing – We can provide point expertise across the entire spectrum of software QA and testing functions – from resources that can help set testing strategy to resources that simply augment your existing QA and testing teams.

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