Maximize Impact, Minimize Stress When Rolling Out New Tech

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Maximize Impact, Minimize Stress When Rolling Out New Tech

Replacing outdated software and aging hardware is a crucial component for businesses and their Users. The rollout can be disruptive to the User experience if not careful. Follow these eight steps to help maximize impact and minimize stress when rolling out new tech:

1. Research Solutions Carefully

Select the right solution for your Users. Carefully review the needs and goals of the business and research available solutions. When considering a solution, it is important to not only factor in cost and features, but also consider how the new tech integrates within the company’s infrastructure and software.

2. Develop a Tech Rollout Timeline

While it is important to encourage adoption, it is vital not to rush it. Minimize disruption through planning the rollout ahead of time. Break down the rollout into milestones. Begin with the most essential workflows or systems in need of change, then slowly expand to less critical areas. Strive to grant yourself more time with the rollout to avoid unforeseen issues.

3. Establish Roles

Ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities during the rollout. When everyone understands their position it allows for a smoother transition.

4. Maintain Documentation

It is vital to record every aspect of the project. Document responsibilities, initial goals, time consumption, cost, issues and their solutions. Creating this documentation will resolve errors later in the project and future rollouts.

5. Identify Your Champions

Leverage the excitement of your Early Adopters to build momentum across the team. Your Champions will help ease the stress their peers may experience and get them excited about the new tech.

6. Personalize the Experience

Personalize your tech rollout by offering one-to-one setups with your Users. Not only will they appreciate the touch base, but they will get more out of their tech.

7. Host Training

Training sessions are an effective way to train Users on new software or hardware.

During the training encourage dialogue and answer questions, reinforce the benefits, and demonstrate its everyday practical implementation into the team’s workflow.

8. Review and Adjust

Reflect the rollout process, identify obstacles and how they were resolved. Reflection will help you identify issues and help ensure a smoother process next rollout.

Following the proper steps will minimize disruption in your User’s workday and make your new tech rollout an enjoyable one.

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