5 things that Atlassian can do to help make your company more organized.

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5 Things that Atlassian can do to help make your company more organized

Atlassian offers a family of products that can help better your team’s work management and service management. From offering Boards to track your team’s work and queues to collect issue data, Jira offers tools that allows work to be streamlined and automated, while also being tracked and reportable.

Here are 5 things that Atlassian provides to help make your company more organized.

1. Work tracking

The Jira Work Management tool provides a set of tools for users to track their work. Depending on how you want your project configured, Jira Work Management can provide a large set of options for you and your team. This can include things like:

Kanban Boards – Think of this as a to do list. It works by moving your tasks from column to column until they are complete. This helps your team understand where certain tasks or projects may be.

Calendar – By setting start dates and due dates on your tasks, you can see them all in a calendar view and be able to track what needs to get done by when.

Summaries – This provides a basic report of where your team is overall, it provides info such as workload and the state of work being completed.

These are just some of the base options that Jira Work Management, but your team can utilize automation and other back-end Jira Work Management features to build out your ideal workspace.

2. Service Management

The Jira Service Management product provides your company a portal for end users to submit their issues. Even with the default setup, you can receive requests and have your service desk manage them and keep them organized with no effort. Jira Service Management offers things like:

SLAs – Service Level Agreements help keep your service desk on top of work by setting time frames in which requests should be completed. This helps understand how much time is being spent on certain types of requests and see your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Customizable Request Types – Any type of request that may come in can be customized and streamlined to make sure that your service desk agents are getting the information they need right from the start.

Advanced Reporting – See analytics on all types of requests to help your company improve their processes to be fail-proof.

With the help of Jira Service Management, your service desk can reach their full potential and end users can have their requests fulfilled in timely manners.

3. Confluence

Confluence is a team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet. With little need for setup, you can use Confluence to save important knowledge base documents that may be essential to your team. Whether it is trainings or basic documentation, confluence has your back. You can link your Jira Service Management and Jira Work Management issues to your confluence page and add gadgets to make your page look exactly like you want it.

While all these products are great on their own, without administration they can’t reach their full potential. There are tons of integrations, automations, and configurations that can help your team steamroll through their processes. With the help of Jira Administrators, you can maximize the functionality of these products and show pride in your project and service management!

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