5 Things IT Asset Management does for your business

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5 Things IT Asset Management
does for your business

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is the process of tracking the company’s deployed hardware, software licenses, and other business assets to prevent loss or theft of physical and intellectual property and is an essential part of any business.

Efficient asset management programs extend beyond the inventory of property and can partner with a company’s service desk and human resource departments for the improvement of ticket tracking and the ease of onboarding new hires.

Here are 5 benefits for including IT Asset Management in your business:

Reducing and managing risk.

“It’s 10pm, do you know where your devices are?” With ITAM, you know that assets are safe and accounted for, regardless of the size of the business. Proper lifecycle management benefits the organization’s brand, financial status, and governmental compliance.

Forecasting needs for new additions.

Maintain accurate insights into how many devices could be repurposed and redeployed within the business. This allows the business to reduce the sunk costs of unused devices.

Keeps costs down.

Active tracking of assets allows the business to budget more reliably, providing resources to other needs or new ventures that allows the business to grow.

Operational success through departmental partnerships.

Partnering with both Service Desk and HR, ITAM can supply important device-specific information for new and upcoming service tickets or projects, reducing employee downtime. Waiting for needed assets wastes both time and money.

Employee satisfaction.

Start off a new hire’s experience in the business on the right foot. ITAM can assure that new assets are ready and available for new employees, making them feel valued and nurturing loyalty.

Having a properly staffed and trained IT Asset Management team can help the business succeed in utilizing technology, ultimately saving time, money and annoyances.

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