5 Reasons you want to work with an Apple Certified Consultant  

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5 Reasons you want to work with an Apple Certified Consultant

With comprehensive Apple expertise, Apple Certified Consultants can be an invaluable partner to your business. If your company has Apple devices for its employees, there’s no question that a process on updating and maintaining these devices should be put into place. It is important to have experts who are knowledgeable in both hardware and software updates for Apple devices, and Apple Certified Consultants are always investigating and resolving issues as they arise, instead of on an as-needed basis.  

The list of things an Apple Certified Consultant can help you with are endless, but here are just a handful of our favorites:  

1. Save Time 

Hiring an expert on everything Apple related will save you time. The knowledge they bring allow them to quickly and efficiently resolve Mac and device issues or get your Network operational again. 

2. Save Money 

Buying the wrong hardware or investing in the wrong software can be a costly expense. Allowing an Apple Certified Consultant to build a strategy around what devices are best suited for your business, and how these devices should be maintained over time. If the strategy is prioritized, it will save time, money, and downtime for the company, ensuring your employees can remain productive. 

3. Reduce Downtime 

Apple Certified Consultants are required to maintain their certifications with training and ongoing education. By partnering with them means your company has access to this knowledge to help avoid problems that would lead to downtime. Should downtime occur, an Apple Certified Consultant can get you up and running faster, by tapping into resources and knowledge-bases that the public may not have.  

4. Avoid Misinformation 

When it comes to technical help, a quick internet search can result in some favorable, but many unfavorable results. The internet is full of information. It can be hard to determine which path to take. An Apple Certified Consultant will user Apple resources to help deliver factual, up to date information, setting your company and users up for success.  

5. Transform your business 

Apple Certified Consultants will help identify, set up, and use Apple technology to transform and evolve your business. With broad insight on what is happening within the industry, and information on what’s coming next, they can provide a strategy for existing device upkeep or a plan to help your technology evolve.  

As an Apple Certified Consultant, FTTS can support and expert guidance on everything Apple related. With decades of Apple experience amongst our team, we are experts in everything Apple has to offer.  Contact us to get started.